What is urja

Oxygen constitutes 21% of all gases present in the atomosphere. But we are forced to inhale much lesser amount of oxygen due to heavy air pollution. 'Urja' is a lamp made up of cow dung, sesame seeds, guggul (Commiphora wightii), rice, hawan samigri (Holiritual ingredients) and jaggery.

'Urja' is burnt with purified butter (ghee) chanting Gayatri Mantra along with it. This blending of two powerful energies of heat and sound achieves the desired physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. It not only increases the percentage of oxygen in atmosphere but also reduces the physical ailments and diseases.
Cow dung along with cow's ghee prevents the growth of pathogenic organisms and also reduces the radiation to a greater extent hence healing the atmosphere.

How to use


Step 1

Dip cotton wick in ghee and put it in the lamp.


Step 2

Put 4-5 small pieces of dry cotton near the wick.


Step 3

Sprinkle camphor over the lamp.


Step 4

Light the cotton wick. The lamp is ready. Camphor can be sprinkled again.


Step 5

Continue putting drops of ghee at frequent intervals. Chant Gayatri mantra or any holy/sacred mantra.



It is the need of the hour that stirred the so called opressed women to put their imaginations to take a form of 'Urja' and come out in light around their helpless, ill treated and neglected state to a self-reliant and self-supporting state.

Chetnagram Sansthan

Chetnagram sansthan is an integral part of thought revolution process started on 25th march 2015. This organization is active in many parts of the Jaipur City. It is providing free education and livelihood training programmes on cottage industry to socially and economically backward women and hcildren so as to help them lead a better life.